Where is Maginox Hosted?

Virtual servers are hosted in a private Managed Service Provider (MSP) data center located in an FDIC building in Little Rock, AR. Servers are maintained on a monthly basis by network professionals. 

What security is used when accessing the system?

Maginox uses SSL certification (https://) in order to protect the information that is being communicated across the internet. 

What type of firewall is in place?

The MSP data center uses high-end WatchGuard and Cisco routers and firewalls to protect Maginox servers from any security breach. 

Does each client get their own database?

Yes, every client gets their own instance of the Maginox system and will not share data or infrastructure with another client.

What is the availability of the server?

The server has a 99.97% up-time. Should there be a major server outage, all clients will be notified of the outage and how long it is expected to last. 

how often is MAINTENANCE performed on the servers?

Maginox is maintained every third Tuesday of every month. System maintenance can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on patches and upgrades. Clients will be notified of monthly maintenance in advance or any unforeseen outages should they occur. 

WHAT is the support response time to fix a problem?

Depending on the severity of the problem, response time should be no longer than 4 hours. Any fix requiring more than 4 hours will be directly communicated with the client. The client will then be notified when the problem has been resolved. 

what are user password requirements?

Passwords should be eight (8) characters long, and require two characters from the following groups: capital letters, punctuation, numerals. No password resets are required at this time, however, passwords can be reset at any time. 

how much data storage will we have?

There is unlimited storage for projects, contracts, notes and attachments.