Maginox has a simple, user friendly interface that will save you hundreds of hours entering data, eliminating frustration and allowing you to be happier and more productive.

Maginox allows you to see the status of your projects at all times, and more importantly, tells you exactly where all of your costs are funded from. So instead of spending time wondering about the status of your projects, you can know for sure, and spend your time managing other aspects of your business. 

Maginox includes a powerful reporting feature that allows managers to keep their finger on your company's financial pulse at all times, thereby reducing costs, maintaining greater control over expenditures and allowing you to make better decisions -- all in just a few clicks.

Maginox uses a sophisticated algorithm to instantly produce your project cash flows so that you can plan ahead for your project's funding needs with less stress

are you ready to make this DISAPPEAR...

  • Multiple Excel documents tracking contract information with limited visibility for project managers and executive management.
  • Inconsistent coding of projects, contracts and interpreting regulation reporting. 
  • Accounting over OR under billing contracts that are not being watched closely due to miscommunication.
  • Change orders and supplements misplaced or forgotten.
  • Unexecuted or missing contract agreements between the prime and subconsultants.
  • Senior level management and accounting spending thousands of hours per year manually calculating current obligations for RFP responses.
  • Trying to track subconsultant contract values and paid-to-date values to cash flow remaining fees.

.... And replace it THROUGH the magic of maginox?

  • Single, comprehensive consolidation of all projects, contracts and change orders in one central location.
  • Quality of data enhanced with consistent, predefined data shared across the company.
  • Accurate, real-time, secure information for Executive Management.
  • Crucial project, contract reporting and communications for project manager accountability.
  • Central data storage for all executed contracts, notice to proceed, change orders and modifications.
  • Project and cost summary reporting for a bird's eye view of all contracts for Executive Management.
  • Contract Organization. Contracts will be appropriately executed and signed, modifications will be tracked more closely and billings will be more accurate and timely.
  • Easily track subconsultant contracts, fees paid and remaining balances. 


  • Access project information anywhere; on the road, on the job site, at a client site, at other office sites. 
  • No more waiting for Project Managers to get back to the office to communicate project updates.
  • Senior level management will recoup lost hours on current obligation reporting and can focus their time managing the business. 
  • Project executives will have more control over their projects, ensuring clients are being invoiced in a timely manner.